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(HealthDay News)—Scientists are uncovering new information about the human brain every day.

See These 6 Common Myths About Aging

But misinformation still abounds. The Global Council on Brain Health recently examined and disproved these myths about the aging brain:

  • MYTH: Older people can’t learn new things.
    TRUTH: Something as simple as meeting new friends and remembering their names is enough to simulate the brain and keep it active. Going back to school or trying a new hobby are other ways to improve brain health.
  • MYTH: You’re stuck with the brain you were born with.
    TRUTH: While many pathways for learning are created before birth, new pathways can be created in the parts of the brain that handle memory and learning.
  • MYTH: Experts don’t have a clue about how the brain works.
    TRUTH: The brain is one of the human body’s most complicated organs. But scientists are learning a tremendous amount about the brain all the time. New treatments for neurological conditions are being worked on daily.
  • MYTH: Older people will inevitably get dementia as they grow older.
    TRUTH: Dementia is caused by Alzheimer’s disease or medical conditions, such as a stroke. Not all older people will develop dementia.

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