If you’ve noticed that the scale isn’t budging, or perhaps you’re working really hard on your body, only to notice that the scale is going in the opposite direction of what you’d’ve hoped, then look at Emma’s incredible before-and-after photo.

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Sometimes a healthy change doesn’t equate to pounds lost. The UK-based blogger described her body and state in 2015, saying “I under ate, over trained, and genuinely didn’t have a bloody clue.” Since that time, she’s gained 10kg (approximately 22 pounds), and is happier than ever. Further proof that the number on the scale isn’t good or bad; it’s just a number.

At 47kg (roughly 103 to 104 pounds), Emma was hard on herself. She said in her caption, “I never thought I ‘did it right’ because I wasn’t training how she was . . . or counting macros . . . or eating *clean* enough.” Today, at her heavier weight, she feels strong, looks incredible, and exudes confidence.


“Fitness looks different on everyone,” she said — and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Emma eats more now and has said this transformation went “waaaay beyond the physical.” She now eats foods she loves and says “You only have to eat kale if you like it.”

According to Emma’s blog, her personal mantra is one we can get behind: “Eat well, exercise, and nourish your body. But also feed your soul. Eat pizza, eat chocolate, eat nachos. Eat the food that makes you happy. #moderationnotdeprivation.”