Woman documents anorexia battle on Instagram
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Two years ago, Connie Inglis was in the hospital battling anorexia. She weighed as much as the average 5-year-old, according to the BBC. Connie says she’s struggled with anorexia since she was 10 and has been hospitalized three times.

But today, the 22-year-old has made a ton of progress—she’s at a healthy weight and is studying art in college. As she fights to stay happy and healthy, Connie is documenting her recovery with a slew of super-honest posts on Instagram.

The last few weeks have been really hard. I’ve taken on so much lately that I’d let slip the things that matter most… spending time with the people I love and my mental health!!! Ive struggled with soft image. I’ve struggled with sleep. I’ve struggled with depression. I’ve struggled with being around people. So sorry. Sorry I haven’t been around for you all. Sorry I haven’t been around for me. Sorry I’ve neglected myself. So for a long time it’s not been great. But tomorrow is a new day, a new week. It’s day one of things looking up! And I feel really good about that! So if 2018 hasn’t been your year so far. Make tomorrow day one of things looking up. Wake up smiling knowing that you have the power to make it better! #positivebeatsperfect

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Connie says that at her lowest point she had to use a wheelchair and she was given weeks to live. “I didn’t really care about living or dying, I didn’t mind,” she says. “I just wanted to lose all the weight. It had got to the point where being in hospital wasn’t good enough, the only thing that would have been good enough was if my heart had stopped… That’s the only thing that would have satisfied my anorexia.’

TW – eating disorders. NYE 2015 I was emergency admitted to hospital. Anorexia was killing me. I felt alone even when surrounded by my friends and family. I was confused, still not believing I was ill. I was terrified. Not of dying…. but eating I had completely given up. – This is my most prominent memory of new year. – I have been through so much in the last 2 years. Dragging myself up from a lower point than I’d have thought possible. Fighting even on days I felt like I was dying inside. But I’ve done it! I’m here! I’m alive against all odds! I beat ana!!! (She still try’s but honestly she can F off ) – The last few days have been really hard. All of this consuming me even while surrounded by the people I love. So I’ve just been constantly wearing this amazing top from @selfloveshopp to remind me that I’m a bad ass bitch! I beat anorexia and will continue to concur all even through this diet culture bull shit that is January!!!!!!! – This year I will survive This year I will not give in This year I will be FABULOUS! #byebyeana

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About 1 percent of American women struggle with anorexia in their lifetime, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, and one in five anorexia deaths is by suicide.

This is what it’s like to suffer from depression:

Connie says she hopes that she can help others who are also struggling by posting photos of her journey. “I think that it’s really important for people, those going through recovery especially, to realize they’re not alone in their struggles,” she says.

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